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Covid-19 Update - A Message to our Guests 😷

Hearty congratulations from Hello Hotels India… !!!!
We hope and pray that you remain safe, sound and healthy.

In light of the impact and changes caused by the novel COVID-19 (Corona virus), Hello Hotels India is carefully using all the standards of hygiene issued by the World Health Organization in all its hotels. And have informed their affiliated hotels and resorts not to take any kind of negligence in the matter of cleanliness. Hello Hotels India was and will always be committed to the safety of all guests and its employees.
We want to ensure and assure that we are all-round focused on the health and safety of all our guests, residents and employees without compromising and periodically cleaning everything to the surface with the appropriate chemicals. So come here without worry and enjoy our luxurious and safe hospitality.
Thank you so much for your comprehension and being so understanding for this situation, we seriously can’t wait to welcome you all again at our hotels.
Till then, please stay safe, stay home and keep social distance.

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