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Hello Hotels India does almost everything related to hospitality and tourism. Since its inception in 2014, Hello Hotels India has managed & marketed every type of hotel & Resorts. From a 60-room major 3-star hotel, large resorts and conference centres, dozens of Branded budget hotels to boutique resorts, we have managed every type of project in the hospitality industry.

Our efforts for Associated Hotels

Which ever hotel we associate with, whether to manage their entire management, generate revenue for them or take responsibility for their sales and marketing, our professional team make them successful with full dedication and creativity.

Full Management lease

Those who have a lot of business and cannot keep an eye on their hotels and employees or those businessmen who are unable to sell their inventory even after a lot of efforts. Hello Hotels India take in rent the building of such owners with complete legal formalities and relieves them from all the expenses such as telephone, electricity, human resources and other operational costs by giving them a fixed amount in a month. Along with this, the professional team of Hello Hotels India gives the hotels a new height and branding with their unlimited efforts that gives hotel owners a lifetime advantage.

RGM on lowest fees

Hello Hotels India focuses on maximizing top line revenue by identifying single and group customers, predicting their demand for hotel accommodation, and optimizing nightly room rates. We determine aggressive and dynamic pricing for all distribution channels, travel agents, corporate, and industrialists based on historical and predictive market and competitive research. This efficient strategy makes us different from others.

Complete Sales & Marketing Contract

Delivering your message to the consumer is one of the most important and often overlooked pieces of success of an asset. Solid, result-oriented sales strategies created by the expert team of Hello Hotels India are capable of taking your business to the top. Our latest digital marketing, social media marketing, technology, dedicated team work, expertise in OTA portal and good relations with world class companies and travel agents give you maximum reach and results. To increase your hotel revenue & spreads your brand in all over the world, the team of Hello Hotels India works for 24 hours with complete honesty and dedication and in return takes a small fee from you which is not only earning for us but also a reward.

OTA Management Contract

We are an OTA specialist. We increase your revenue through online distribution channels. Our team lists your assets on OTA i.e. GO-MMT, EXPEDIA, BOOKING.COM, AGODA, YATRA.COM and many other channels. Also, we keep update your inventory according to availability through channel manager.

What we want from Hoteliers

We work with all the hotels with full transparency, honesty and dedication and in return we want great hospitality and respect for our guests. So that guests live happily and the reputation of the hotel can also be maintained.

Covid-19 Update - A Message to our Guests 😷

Hearty congratulations from Hello Hotels India… !!!!
We hope and pray that you remain safe, sound and healthy.

In light of the impact and changes caused by the novel COVID-19 (Corona virus), Hello Hotels India is carefully using all the standards of hygiene issued by the World Health Organization in all its hotels. And have informed their affiliated hotels and resorts not to take any kind of negligence in the matter of cleanliness. Hello Hotels India was and will always be committed to the safety of all guests and its employees.
We want to ensure and assure that we are all-round focused on the health and safety of all our guests, residents and employees without compromising and periodically cleaning everything to the surface with the appropriate chemicals. So come here without worry and enjoy our luxurious and safe hospitality.
Thank you so much for your comprehension and being so understanding for this situation, we seriously can’t wait to welcome you all again at our hotels.
Till then, please stay safe, stay home and keep social distance.

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